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It only takes one person to ask...

...and I start showing you mine.

So, as always, I wasn't enormously pleased with my drawings from yesterday. I've done much better ones in the rushed lunch hour classes, which I find peculiar - though my guess is that it's how relaxed or otherwise I am that informs the quality of the pictures. I'm the same on sketchcrawls - spend ages looking forward to the event, then get so keyed up about making the most of the day that my pictures come out all wrong.

Like I said yesterday, the event seemed to absolutely speed by - I just don't know where the time went, and I certainly don't have enough pictures to account for the fact that I was drawing every pose. I haven't come away with a single drawing I love, but there are a few which will do - and that's what I'm putting here. I haven't even bothered to scan them properly - they're just iPhone photos.

The only answer I can see to this is to get a lot more practice. I'm toying with the idea of a #draweveryday tag on Instagram, which might have the effect of holding me to account.

#stripytights #drawing #drawingcircus #lifedrawing #corset
This might be my favourite of the day. Can I just say I *loved* the corsets, stockings, tutus ruffs and all - I just wish this sort of event had been around when I was a model, and that I could have worn such clothes when a tummy artfully framed by bunting wrapped round and round it would have been a charming sight rather than a horrifying crepe-fest.

#drawing #drawingcircus #lifedrawing

Same model. Corset had feathery bust panels and both black and white net frills at the base.

#DrawingCircus #drawing #lifedrawing #stripytights

Different model, making me long for an Amelie too-short fringe and bright orange hair again. This bra/pants combo had loopy string hanging from it. The outfit was completed with thick black ribbon and a harlequin bolero. She was one of two clowns: the other's hat was white pompoms on a black hat and when the lights were low she looked like she had three pompoms on a stick, sticking up from her head, which was amusing.

Ah, here they both are in fact. I thought the heel of the brogue pressed into the gusset of the spotty pants was quite alluring.


OK, I've had a proper look through my sketchbook and I've found a few more drawings that I think are worth posting. It just goes to prove that you come out thinking it's all doom and gloom, and later you can see a bit more value in things, even if it's not perfect. The following are not perfect. But to my mind, at least interesting. And at least they explain a bit more where the time went.




Francesca, of the unfeasibly long hair.



lion mask - quite striking on a naked body. I'm surprised I didn't have lurid dreams all last night.

Hideously unfair picture - she was young and gorgeous like the rest of the female models.
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