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White Night

Pepperpot, White Night Brighton 2011: the Tower of Dreams

It is the third annual White Night in Brighton - a night when you are encouraged to use the extra hour from the clocks going back, and all the museums and galleries are open, and you can go for a midnight swim in the public pool, and all sorts of weird events spring up in town.

Because of Item, I've never managed to go yet: even the lure of night-swimming isn't as great as the desire not to be utterly knackered the next day. But this year, there was an event at the Pepperpot, the local water tower, very dear to me and just three minutes from home.

It was billed as a series of projections: I wasn't expecting much, but I thought it would be fun for Item to see. It turns out Item was expecting even less: "a tiny ghost and someone saying 'boo'". So I guess it didn't have to work very hard to exceed our expectations, but it turned out to be so excellent we stayed and watched it three times (helped in part by the arrival of Isadora and her parents half way through the second repeat).

Son et lumiere has clearly come on a long way since I last saw any: this was a series of animations. Local residents, including the splendidly named Seamus Hugman from Item's class, described what they think the building could be used for, and their ideas were brought to life, very closely matched to the Pepperpot's architecture so that they almost looked real.

People have far more imagination than I do, too: I probably would have said a cafe would be nice, as a couple of the featured people did, but other ideas ranged from a climbing wall to a community radio station, a helter skelter, a zero-gravity zone, a castle for kids' parties, and a lighthouse. Oh, and a small boy said a giant spiders' nest :/

For me, the best animations were seeing it made into a giant cafetiere with the plunger being pushed down, and the helter skelter with (animated) people actually sliding down.

It was lovely to gather together with so many local neighbours and enjoy such an innovative show.

Pepperpot, White Night Brighton 2011: the Tower of Dreams

Pepperpot, White Night Brighton 2011: the Tower of Dreams

Pepperpot, White Night Brighton 2011: the Tower of Dreams

Pepperpot, White Night Brighton 2011: the Tower of Dreams

[Hello, we are back from holiday. But I am too tired to write it up tonight.]
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