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Remember me saying how hard it was to figure out the piecing for a toy mole (or indeed any soft toy)?

I found an amazing blog which spells it all out bit by bit (that's part 5 of a series I've linked to there, about how to create the 'underbody gusset', which is what I was particularly stuck on, but I read through the whole series last night and feel very confident now. :)

The blog's writer has written this book, which I may well be spending my birthday money on: a bird for the empty wooden cage in our bedroom was one of the sewing projects I was thinking about when I bought the sewing machine.

Talking of my birthday, Item has been counting down the days, and has expressed sorrow and outrage that I'll be working and she'll be at school. It's true that I do normally like to have a day off, but I'd never take her out of school for it - imagine!

Item managed a double whammy the night before last. She'd come into our bed, as she does most nights these days, and was asleep between us, when she must have done a stretch-like flail of the arms, punching me and The Boy in the eye. I really thought I might have a shiner in the morning. I woke up and told her what she'd done in the morning and The Boy said, "I was just about to say that!"
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