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A history of the world in birthday cake

So, once a year, around this time, I decorate a cake.

A gap of that length is not the optimum strategy for improvement, but every year I remember that it is, in fact, a very enjoyable pursuit. Plus, it's the ultimate chance to look as if you are staying up late martyring yourself for the sake of your beloved child, when secretly you are a) having jolly good fun, and b) legitimately enjoying some very rare and very precious 'alone time'.

Every year I wonder whether, if I iced cakes more frequently, I'd get better at making them look more professional and less... well, I guess the only word is 'lumpy'.

This year, Item wanted the cake to look like her beloved and best soft toy, Chococat:

#tiger #chococat

That *had* to be easier than last year's Tom and Jerry, or the Swiper cake I made when she turned four. And it was!
Here's the result:

Chococat birthday cake

Flying Saucers and Minstrels for eyes; Pocki for whiskers, a malteaser for a nose and a Smartie for a collar tag.

seventh birthday cake

And now, if you would like to admire my incredible and dizzying ascent through the years as I fail to remember *every single time* to ice the bottom of the cake because it is flatter, here are my efforts from previous years:

Age 3, Miffy cake, made with instructions from land_girl:

birthday07 016

Age 4, Swiper cake, possibly my greatest triumph to date (including all non-cake-based trumphs):

Swiper birthday cake

Age 5, Hello Kitty cake:

Hello Kitty cake

And age 6, a graphic depiction of why you should either wait for the icing to dry, or resort to Photoshop; the Tom and Jerry cake (it did actually look quite good once it had dried, gah):


What will Item ask for next year? Watch this space...

UPATE: Item has informed me that next year she will be asking for a David Bowie cake.
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