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Mock Duck

Heavens above, can this sticky stuff really be love?

9 November
I'm a 40-something woman, fast approaching 50.

I live in Brighton, UK, and work for a charity as Communications and Marketing person. I like my job, and am very fond of my colleagues, which is still a novelty after a couple of decades where that wasn't always true.

I'm a mother to Item and wife to The Boy. Drawing comics and illustration is my most significant (and time-consuming) hobby.

I also run (on my own terms, and non-competitively). We have three cats, we like to travel but can't usually afford to go far... which is probably for the best, as I was raised in the 70s by an early protagonist of the environmentally-aware movement, and that thinking still runs through my blood.

My LJ turned into the place where I share mostly friends-locked, mostly personal posts about my day to day life. I have a Wordpress site which is more public. Anyone can follow me there, with no restrictions.

On the other hand, I'm fairly cautious about whom I add as friends on here. LJ has always been a friendly, supportive community for me and I'm keen to keep it that way, while also understanding how easy it is to put everything out of kilter with one mismatched personality.

This is out of date but I will update it soon: Important information in the event of my death

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